Powder coating

Another popular and mainly used surface treatment methods for aluminium profiles is electrostatic coating. And electrostatic coating can be divided into powder coating and fluorocarbon coating (PVDF Coating). The main difference between them:
Powder coating has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, less pollution, environmental protection, high paint utilization, and good coating performance. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to sunlight.
The advantages of PVDF spray coating is high brightness, thin coating and stable color, strong weather resistance, not easy to fade, and discoloration.
There’s an awful lot of talk about high performance powders for exterior architectural applications, but what about interiors? 
Powder coatings are used in many different interior applications and deliver an awesome performance punch TOO!
2019-2020 years in electrostatic coating trend belongs to the soft touch PVDF coating,
 The right combination of resins that impart a desired rubbery or velvety feel while exhibiting long-term scratch and stain resistance is the main property of PVDF SOFT TOUCH coating.