Brush aluminium

In the decoration aluminium materials market, there are some hairline finishes or vertical stripe on the surface of aluminium profile.  It is the trend of decoration materials development in the market. 
By the rotation of nylon wheels in the main shaft that was driven by the motor, make the machining work on the surface of aluminium profiles to obtain the decorative lines on the surface. You can adjust the shaft speed, working table feeding speed or change different types of nylon wheels to get different decorative lines or deeper hairline or lighter hairline. It not only can remove the die line, scratch, marks effectively from the surface of aluminium extrusion, but also can glorify the appearance of aluminium profile. In general, the most aluminium profiles will be anodized or chemically polished after the brushing. The most popular way is brushing first, and then anodizing or polishing in different colors, among which popular are-champagne, black, stainless steel, iron grey, etc.