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Producing extruded aluminium profiles that consistently meet our customers’ form, fit, function, flawless surface and aesthetic requirements, delivered on time are imperative to our aluminium extrusions and manufacturing business. At MEBEL ALU , our long-term business relationships are not built on commercially acceptable quality standards, but rather on our commitment to providing our customers with the highest standard of quality and reliability for aluminium extruded products,surface finish, fabrication, and CNC machining services.


Concerned about preserving the environment in the course of carrying out surface treatments which necessarily rely on a number of chemical products as well as different sources of energy, MEBEL ALU regularly verifies its environmental impact in terms of noise, waste and water and energy consumption. The company respects the Chinese government regulations, communicates openly with its partners, sets up improvement programs in order to anticipate regulatory changes, guaranteeing its customers product and service durability.

Aluminium extrusion

When extruding aluminium profile, a section of an aluminium billet is pressed with great force through a steel die. The openings made in this die, define the shape of the profile which is produced. When the profiles come out of the extrusion press, they undergo various treatments such as cooling, stretching, sawing,hea...

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Aluminium anodizing

Anodising aluminium is an electro-chemical process that provides a stronger, corrosion resistant surface and preserves a ‘Good as new’ appearance. The electrolytic anodising process produces a protective oxide film around the aluminium that doesn’t flake off or peel away. The most common form of anod...

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Aluminium polishing

Chemical polishing is an advanced finishing method,  After which the rough surface of aluminium piece tends to be smooth and shiny as a mirror, which improves the decorative effect of the aluminium products (such as reflected performance, brightness, etc.). It can also give higher value-added commercial, sati...

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Brush aluminium

In the decoration aluminium materials market, there are some hairline finishes or vertical stripe on the surface of aluminium profile.  It is the trend of decoration materials development in the market.  By the rotation of nylon wheels in the main shaft that was driven by the motor, make the machining w...

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Wood grain

Sublimation - the decorative surface treatment method has been developed for surface treatment of aluminium profiles. The colour pigments penetrate the priming coat individually and thus it is not only a thin membrane on the surface. With this method you can get a surface which is equivalent to wood, rock or almost an...

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Powder coating

Another popular and mainly used surface treatment methods for aluminium profiles is electrostatic coating. And electrostatic coating can be divided into powder coating and fluorocarbon coating (PVDF Coating). The main difference between them: Powder coating has the advantages of high efficiency, energy savin...

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CNC machining

MEBEL ALU mostly uses CNC-controlled profile machining centres for the milling, drilling, cutting and sawing of aluminium profiles.  We specialise in making handles from aluminium extrusion with milling after service for a wide range of furniture industry and interior design manufacturers. Handles can be sup...

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Business and Services

MEBEL ALU would like to introduce the new service for their clients, which is sourcing and purchasing agent service. Being in the furniture ,decoration and building materials business for the last 15 years ,we have the enormous network of the time tested suppliers with competitive price and quality .They are all most...

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