Enterprise Profile

MEBEL-ALU ALUMINIUM Since 2008 we have started with common and basic furniture systems including mostly sliding door wardrobes and kitchen cabinet frames. Focusing on more and more specialized and customized...
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Enterprise Profile

Video Introduction

You want to get a glimpse behind the scenes - we will open our gates for you
What happens during the anodising process? How are extrusion billets made? What does the research and development department actually do? Find out by taking a tour around our factory in Gaoming District We will show you the various stages of aluminium profile production, the sandblasting process, the anodising and powder coating operations, what happens to the aluminium profile during wood imitation production,or how you can get a brushed effect on the surface.
Would you like to visit our aluminium production facilities in Gaoming? No problem.
Simply contact our member of staff .
We look forward to your visit.
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Our Workshop

Total production capacity is:
Industrial territory -300,000 sq.m
30 Presses -over 100,000 tons per year
3 Paint lines-more than 35 000 tons per year.
4 Anodizing Lines- over 30 000 tons per year.
Lines can process the profile length 6.2 m inclusive. 
4 Electrophoresis Lines- 10,000 tons per year 
15 Decoral Lines-10,000 tons per year
2 Oxidized polishing production lines
4 wire drawing machines 
6 sand blasting machines
6 mechanical polishing machines
20 CNC machines
1500 employess including 50 senior management staff
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Company Certification

MEBEL-ALU company has developed, certified and successfully operates a quality system at all enterprises of the company based on the requirements of international standards ISO 9000-2001.