Will aluminum extrusions replace steel in the future?

Will aluminum extrusions replace steel in the future?

Jun 21, 2021

Nowadays, aluminum extrusions are becoming more and more popular among the public. With people's love, will aluminum extrusions replace steel? Due to the current emphasis on environmental pollution and fuel economy issues, the voice of aluminum extrusions can be said to be getting higher and higher!

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First of all, in terms of the convenience of the car, even though large brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz are launching "lightweight car materials", some professionals pointed out that steel can do it, aluminum extrusions can do it, and it can be lighter and more portable. Hard. In the automobile manufacturing industry, most parts of the automobile can be replaced by aluminum alloy, except for the parts that come out. In terms of molding, aluminum extrusions is becoming mature in both use and technology.

Then we look at the price. In terms of price, industrial aluminum extrusions must have an advantage in price compared to steel, and as labor costs are getting higher and higher, aluminum extrusions have more advantages.

Based on the above situation,  This is a long process, and many technologies need to be improved. At this stage, we can only imagine from the aspect of promoting the development of aluminum, and using aluminum to promote industrial materials. Lightweight will be an important standard for aluminum companies to achieve a win-win situation for economic benefits, energy conservation and environmental protection.