What are the advantages of aluminum t profile?

What are the advantages of aluminum t profile?

Jun 18, 2020

         Aluminum profiles are widely used in industry, generally because of the unique design of aluminum profiles and the rigid frame structure. Therefore, in order to allow everyone to better use the aluminum t profile, we still have to first understand the advantages of aluminum t profile, so that we can better select high-quality aluminum profiles.

         The shape of the aluminum profile is generally a strip formed by moving a plane geometric figure in parallel with the vertical linear trajectory in space. It is generally made of aluminum and aluminum alloy by hot extrusion or rolling, so it is called aluminum t profile. If the steel is made by rolling, it is called steel aluminum profile.

       Advantages of general aluminum t profile structure

         1. Simplify the sketch design process

         Due to the use of aluminum t profile, it can be assembled into various structural types according to different needs, using the principle of building blocks, which simplifies the design and shortens the production cycle compared with the sheet structure, so that it will avoid complex structures, many parts and A series of shortcomings such as large design workload.
aluminum t profile
         2. Simplify the production process

   Because the processing procedure of the aluminum t profile structure only needs to be blanked, so the punching and few bending, the processing is simple, the assembly is convenient, this will avoid the multi-process processing of the iridium structure, and the production process is greatly simplified. At the same time, it reduces the labor intensity of a lot of manually operated sheet metal, but it will also increase production efficiency and facilitate the use of automated production methods.

  3. Reduce equipment weight

  According to statistics, the electronic instrument case adopts aluminum aluminum profile structure, which is about 60% lighter than the original ferrous metal sheet metal structure.