The difference between Aluminium U profiles and C Profile Aluminium

The difference between Aluminium U profiles and C Profile Aluminium

Aug 12, 2021

1. The hardware design principle of C-notch meets the requirements of doors and windows
    The U-shaped notch is a special hardware notch for plastic doors and windows and wooden doors and windows. The hardware is installed by means of self-tapping European screws. However, when applied to the calling door, the material produced by the self-tapping door and window switch that installs the U disk hardware slot requires shearing force. Due to the high reflection intensity of the tapping, the self-tapping window screw buckle looks for the theme and produces the effect, and makes the installation hole. Expand it, and a button with this shape appears. The inner lining of the doors and windows is made of steel, the material and the self-tapping steel shape, there will be no expansion of the installation hole and the phenomenon of hardware tripping. Because the U-shaped groove applied to the door and window does not conform to the strong design of mechanical materials in the mechanical design principle, for the safety of the door and window hardware, the European sun door window does not use the U-shaped groove hardware. The design principle of C-slot perfectly meets the requirements of aluminum doors and windows. 
2. The hardware of the U-shaped notch is easy to cause corrosion and water seepage of doors and windows
    The U-shaped groove hardware is mainly made of steel. When the hardware is connected to the aluminum profile by self-tapping steel, it will be affected by the nozzle and the aluminum profile, and the impact will reflect the reaction, such as destroying the waterproof structure of the door, and the use of doors and windows. . U-shaped groove hardware can easily cause corrosion of aluminum doors and windows. U-slot hardware is mainly iron. After the hardware and aluminum parts are self-tapping buildings with steel, they will be affected by air and air, and obvious reactions will occur, and the normal operation of doors and windows will be affected due to waterproof damage.

3. Advanced C-slot hardware design principle
    C-notch hardware installation is based on the tightening force of the fixing screws and the machine-made pieces and hardware openings to install the size of the hardware. The fixing screws are tightened. When the particles of about 0.5 to 1.0 mm on the surface of the profile are deformed, this The combination of stainless steel and chromium substances is the reason why it does not occur under force. Advanced hardware design, the installation base force of the C-slot hardware and the rotation force between the stainless steel lining and the notch to ensure that when the screw is fixed and tightened, a small piece of deformation of about 0.5~1.0mm will occur on the surface of the material, making the stainless steel nail a natural material It is inevitable, and it is bound to not change when subjected to force.

4. C-notch hardware is easy to install
    The installation of the C-slot has no installation holes, no self-tapping screw connection, fine adjustment of the installation, low dependence on auxiliary conditions such as equipment (electricity, gas), and on-site installation can be realized. Convenient installation: C-slot installation does not require self-tapping installation hole connection. Its low end allows on-site installation.

5. The hardness requirement of C slot is high
    C-shaped notch hardware is special hardware for doors and windows. U-shaped notch hardware refers to door plastics and windows. C-shaped notch hardware can be made from material requirements to the material requirements of hardware rods. For example: C-slot hardware is mainly made for the latest, zinc die-casting alloy, carbonitrided steel, stainless steel, digraphite exudation, surface treatment is Kedaluo surface treatment, surface treatment, rough corrosion resistance test, no First love occurs. The hardness requirements are high, C-slot is used for aluminum doors and windows, and U-slot is used for plastic-steel doors and windows-this determines the improvement of C-slots for steel doors and windows. For example, the main materials of carbon groove hardware are aluminum, zinc-based alloy cast steel, carbonitriding steel, stainless steel and molybdenum molybdenum. And choose Dacromet alloy or dock as ground treatment. Avoid any situation.
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