Reasons for the blackening of aluminum extrusions

Reasons for the blackening of aluminum extrusions

Jun 21, 2021

aluminum extrusions is a kind of non-ferrous metal profile that is extruded by a die and coated with oxidation. This kind of profile is mostly used in machinery automation industry, aerospace industry, automobile rail industry, shipbuilding, chemical industry and other industries. The primary color of aluminum extrusions is mostly silver-white, and other colors can be customized separately, such as golden black, etc. Because aluminum extrusions are mostly connected by modular industrial aluminum profile accessories, no welding is required. Save the cost of use for users. The aluminum extrusions is treated by anodic oxidation, and there is an oxide film on the surface, which makes the profile resistant to corrosion and corrosion. However, some users find that the aluminum extrusions turns black during the process of using the aluminum extrusions. What is the reason? Reasons for the blackening of aluminum extrusions:

aluminum extrusions

1. The process of aluminum extrusions is not up to standard: aluminum extrusions is extruded from aluminum rod and passed through oxidation coating. The selection of raw materials for aluminum rods and the improper cleaning or pressure inspection treatment of aluminum extrusions during the production process, and uneven coating during the oxidation process of aluminum extrusions will cause the aluminum extrusions to become black and mildew. The aluminum extrusions production and processing plant Qiyu uses 6063-T5 aluminum rods, which are not doped with waste materials, and undergo a strict extrusion production process. Ensure the quality of aluminum extrusions from the source.

2. Improper storage management: Although the aluminum extrusions is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, if it is in a humid environment for a long time, it will directly contact the uneven ground. Then it will also cause the aluminum profile to wear out, and the oxide film is damaged, which will cause the aluminum extrusions to become black and mildew. In response to this situation, aluminum extrusions can be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, and direct contact with the ground should be avoided.

3. Unreasonable cleaning management: the surface of the aluminum extrusions has been anodized, and generally does not need to be cleaned. If there is dust, just wipe it gently with a soft cloth. If a corrosive cleaning agent is used, the surface of the aluminum extrusions will be corroded and oxidized, causing the surface of the profile to become black and mildew.