Introduction and advantages of aluminium skirting board

Introduction and advantages of aluminium skirting board

Sep 09, 2021

Introduction and advantages of aluminum skirting board

Aluminum skirting board is a new type of decoration material or a new generation product of modern decoration. It is the same as the skirting line of all materials in the past, which plays a role of visual balance, beautification and protection of the corners and the ground in the decoration space. The product is formed by a series of special processes, and the surface is straight-grained and then subjected to high temperature coloring and oxidation. The aluminum alloy skirting line produced from this aluminum has strong metal texture, no fading, high strength, no deformation, waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-collision. , Insect-proof, moth-proof, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, safety and environmental protection, simple installation, convenient disassembly, thread running function, and reusable. This is not possible with all kinds of baseboards in the past.

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