Do you know what is the use of aluminum profiles?

Do you know what is the use of aluminum profiles?

Oct 20, 2021

Aluminum profiles can be divided into 9 uses, namely: construction aluminum profiles, radiator aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, automotive parts aluminum profiles, furniture aluminum profiles, solar photovoltaic aluminum profiles, rail vehicle aluminum profiles, and mounting aluminum alloys Profiles, aluminum profiles for medical equipment. The sub-categories of these 9 uses are as follows:

1. Aluminum profiles for construction: Aluminum profiles for construction include aluminum profiles for doors and windows and aluminum profiles for curtain walls. For example, aluminum profiles are used for roofing in buildings. Wall. Doors and windows. Interior and exterior decoration, construction templates, composite doors and windows, composite aluminum panels. Color aluminum plate, aluminum alloy template, etc. The aluminum profile for construction has beautiful color, good corrosion resistance, good reflectivity to light and heat, and good sound absorption.

2. Radiator aluminum profile: the hood for the heat dissipation of various electronic equipment, the heat dissipation of lighting fixtures, and the heat dissipation of computer digital products.

3. Industrial aluminum profiles: mostly used in mechanical automation industrial production industries, such as automated machinery and equipment, assembly line workbenches, equipment hoods, equipment rack fences, non-standard aluminum profile frames, aluminum profile conveyor belts, aluminum profile whiteboard racks, Operating table, car partition, shelf material rack, mobile trolley, aluminum profile climbing platform, etc.

4. Aluminum profiles for auto parts: mostly used for auto parts, connectors, assembling external frames, etc.

5. Furniture aluminum profile: used to make home improvement furniture, furniture decoration frame, aluminum profile fish tank, bed, table and chair support frame, etc.

6. Solar photovoltaic aluminum profile: used for solar frame, photovoltaic bracket, solar photovoltaic fastener parts and so on.

7. Aluminum alloy profiles for rail vehicles: mostly used to make the body of rail vehicles.

8. Mounting aluminum alloy profiles: decorative picture frames, exhibition mounting, decorative painting frames, etc.

9. Aluminum profiles for medical equipment: medical equipment main frame, medical equipment, medical stretcher bed frame, etc.